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Valerie Albright, Real Estate Broker RE/MAX Northwest Realtors
4801 S 19th St Ste 200, Tacoma, WA 98405
License #: 83734
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Valerie Albright has been an active, successful, full-time REALTOR since 2005. Taking the highs and lows of the market in stride, Valerie has been a consistent performer from the start. She has designed her business with the approach of a personalized boutique rather than large box store, taking in only as many listings as she can sell and as many buyers as she can serve. The name of the game is flow and it''s a dance that brings both her and her clients peace of mind and success.

The listing process is a creative experience. It begins with viewing the property and taking in all the pluses and mitigating the minuses. Valerie goes through the house from top to bottom to assist the owner with creating an even presentation of the home for sale. This can translate into repairs, reorganizing, rearranging, de-cluttering, light to heavy staging and sometimes, but not often, remodeling. As the house is being transformed into selling shape discussions about price and cost of selling are introduced.

How does a REALTOR price a home? Good question. It is a combination of many factors and nuances of the market that interplay with the sellers objectives. Topics to consider: condition of home, condition of market, is the home rented, is it vacant and the sellers are paying the mortgage, appraisal considerations, what type of financing options will be available are some, but not all of the issues to consider. Valerie looks at these factors and once the house is show ready will provide to sellers what she thinks the house will sell for. The average time on the market for Valerie''s listings in the past year is well under 30 days.

For Valerie, the process with Buyers is like a treasure hunt. We know it''s out there, just need to find it. The process should not be rushed and it should be fun, a time of discovery. One client summed it up this way after finding the dream home, "This is everything I never knew I wanted!". The key is to be prepared, have knowledge of the market, have fun with the process, and act with precision timing; so when the time to negotiate comes everything is in place for success. After that it''s a matter of processing through the inspection, appraisal, loan, escrow signing, closing and keys.
Home sweet home!

Selecting Valerie as your REALTOR is making the first best decision in your adventure into buying or selling your home or land. Once you are under her wing the fun and exploration begins. Clients often becomes friends, what a great job!!

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